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I am a 22-year-old woman with a tender heart, independent streak and zest for life! The main passions of my life are learning about God’s Word and implementing these findings personally and in a culturally relevant and intentional way. I am extremely reflective and desire to take to heart what happens in my own life and also the different journeys from the amazing people around me. Everywhere I walk and go is a life lesson, and I care about being academically sound, personally authentic and culturally relevant.  This being said, graduate school is different for me than others entering their respective fields, and the simple reason is my gender. I have come to recognize my femaleness can be incredibly problematic to people on my path as I go through Seminary. It can be painful to be a female in seminary, and I wonder how I can work through this in a healthy and impactful way, and part of this how is this blog. Though I will be writing about this important aspect of my life, I am not just a female in seminary. I am a person with aspirations in life and academia. Through Seminary, I am given the opportunity to think about a wide variety of topics, and I want to make my reflections come to life. Join me as I walk through life, process, change, love and hurt. I hope I bring heart to this blog and learn what it looks like to walk out what I hold as true!

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  1. Our pastor for the last 15 years is a woman, and I love her to death. It’s tough running across those who don’t think women should be church leaders. I look forward to reading your posts about this!


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